Monday, 21 October 2013


As the titles says you will be able to get your mitts on a pre-order for the upcoming collaborative 7" from Japanese noise legend KK NULL and Birmingham's tuba doom merchants ORE from 8PM GMT! During this period you will be able to pick up a very reasonably priced pre-order bundle which will feature an exclusive t-shirt design courtesy of the very talented Alex Bertram-Powell (who was also responsible for the main record sleeve of course). These shirts will only be available for the pre-order period so once they are gone, they are gone so act fast! You can check out the artwork and t-shirt design below, come 8PM point your browsers to our STORE...

Monday, 26 August 2013



ENDTYME003 - Samples up now and pre-orders coming very soon!

We at Endtyme are very excited to announce that the upcoming double A side collaborative 7" from Japanese improv legend KK Null and Tuba Doom merchants Ore is complete and will be sent to press this week! You can check out samples from the 7" below:

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Limited numbers of early bird tickets priced at £7 go on sale tonight from Seetickets - normal price is £8 and MOTD - make sure you snap them up quick!


Endtyme in association with Future Noise & The Sleeping Shaman presents… 


The legendary one-man industrial doom juggernaut - Author and Punisher (aka Tristan Shone) from San Diego, California - makes his first appearance on UK soil! Shone will be touring in support of the critically-lauded 'Ursus Americanus' full-length, released via Seventh Rule Recordings. The offering reaped the #30 position on Decibel Magazine’s coveted Top 40 Albums Of 2012 list, the esteemed publication noting that “it’s impossible to hear Tristan Shone’s fourth album as Author & Punisher without feeling an essential part of yourself being destroyed and remade in some gloriously awful way."

As a mechanical engineer, Shone is well known for the custom built machinery that he utilizes to create his crushing sonic vision – injecting pure industrial aesthetics into the doom/drone mould with devastating effect.

Tristan sums up things nicely here:

 'Author & Punisher is an industrial doom and drone metal, one man band utilizing primarily custom fabricated machines/controllers and speakers called Drone/Dub Machines. The devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation, robotics and mechanical tools and devices, focusing on the eroticism of the interaction with machine.'

You certainly don’t want to miss this!

Watch the video for ‘Terrorbird’ taken from ‘Ursus Americanus’ here:

GNOD (Special ‘Dub’ Set) –

Manchester’s Gnod should need little introduction, these local legends have gone from strength to strength over the course of their musical career. With 13 albums under their belt, their fusion of Krautrock, Drones and Psych has delighted and entranced audiences worldwide. As official tour support for A&P – it seems fitting to kick off in their home town and they promise to deliver a one off ‘dub’ influenced set for this one!


‘We play slow music using two tubas and amplification, informed (but not limited) by our enthusiasm for drones, doom metal, improvisation and minimalism. We are heavy, but our heaviness comes from the way our bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass sounds hang in the air and relate to their surroundings – natural echoes, natural silences.’

You can expect a split 7” coming soon from ORE and KK NULL on Endtyme Records!

DJ’s in – between acts will consist of NEEDLE FACTORY + ANDY BLACK FOREST 

May 9th 2013 @ The Roadhouse, Newton Street, Manchester - 

EVENT PAGE: (Please Share!)

Doors 8pm – Late - £8 in Advance / MOTD 


Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Here's a preview sample taken from the upcoming release by WINTERS IN OSAKA / AMPS FOR CHRIST released via Endtyme Records, Dismantle Records, Selfish Satan Recordings and Absurd Exposition - Spring 2013

The full track takes up the A side of this release and features Eric Wood (Man is the Bastard / Bastard Noise) on vocal duties...more info coming very soon!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

Decompression Magazine needs you! A fresh look at the extreme...

Decompression Magazine is the new project from the head honcho of Unrepresented Music and the man behind the the speedcore/punk/crossover legend that is Junkie Kut. If you can help this project through to fruition, it will be well worth your time I can assure you! Contributions are coming from yours truly as well as a whole host of respected muso types and general all round noise reprobates....head on over to their Kickstarter page by clicking the image below, check out what they are planning and get on board!


Sunday, 3 February 2013

IRON WITCH features on METAL HAMMER cover CD 'Doomadelica'

Metal Hammer magazine has picked up on the new 7" from Iron Witch and presents the track 'Death Was The Colour' on their cover CD compilation 'Doomadelica'...

Friday, 25 January 2013


Remember pre-orders go live at 9pm tonight along with an exclusive pre-order t-shirt bundle! Head on over to (or hit the store link) 9PM (GMT)!

The tracks from the IRON WITCH 7" 'Hangover Suicide' are now available to stream in their entirety, also included is the digital bonus track 'The Last of Nothing'

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tests have arrived for ENDTYME001 - Iron Witch 'Hangover Suicide' - Pre-orders this Friday!

Hey folks, the tests arrived for the first release on Endtyme by the mighty IRON WITCH! Great heavy vinyl cut and the tracks turned out extremely well! Pre-orders will go up this Friday, with a nice pre-order only t-shirt bundle on offer as well! Aside from that you will finally be able to hear the tracks in all their glory streaming from our Bandcamp and Soundcloud (this includes the digital bonus track 'The Last of Nothing'). Check out the photo below for a sneaky peek of the A3 poster that you will get with the vinyl copy and IRON WITCH stickers (with the test of course):

Sunday, 20 January 2013

News update 20/1/13

OK, so time for an update on happenings from the Endtyme camp...the IRON WITCH 7" test pressings for 'Hangover Suicide' have finished being cut and are en-route to Endtyme HQ as we speak, expect pre-orders to be up by the end of the week along with a nice t-shirt bundle offer, keep your eyes peeled for more info! To add to that news, the posters that will accompany the release came back from the printers and they look lush! The whole package should be something very special indeed, an exciting start to the release schedule...streams from the 7" including the bonus track 'THE LAST OF NOTHING' will go up along with pre-orders, in the meantime check out some of the superb reviews the release has gathered so far

Cvlt Nation 
The Sleeping Shaman
This Noise is Ours
When Planets Collide
The Sludgelord
The Metal Review
World of Shit
Thee Claw
No Pop No Managers

WINTERS IN OSAKA / AMPS FOR CHRIST 12" LP has now been shipped off to press, the release (in conjunction with Selfish Satan Recordings, Absurd Exposition and Dismantle Records) should hopefully arrive sometime in March, samples and artwork will be up soon after the Iron Witch launch!

GUM TAKES TOOTH are entering the studio this week to deliver the tracks for ENDTYME003 - expect a fusion of psych/noise and frenzied dual drumming from the trio, aside from this particular release, they are also putting the finishing touches to their second full length and planning a European tour at the end of March!

BLACK GOAT OF THE WOODS have confirmed that they will be hitting the studio around February 23rd...expect a heavy onslaught of grind/black/doom craziness coming your way very give you a taster of what to expect check out their highly acclaimed debut here:

PINE BARRENS hit the studio on March 23rd to lay down the A side for the eagerly awaited split 7" with WINTERS IN OSAKA remixing them for the B side - the stunning artwork from Michael Cowell is nearing completion and the WIO side has come through and is sounding as bleak as hell...more info soon!

ORE/KK NULL - you can expect something really special for this release...more news coming very soon, but to check out ORE in action with KK NULL from last years Supersonic Festival, head here:

Friday, 11 January 2013

Further updates to the releae schedule for 2013!

Hey folks, we have had a bit of a re-jig of the release schedule, but everything should be set in stone now...Pine Barren's are not hitting the studio as early as hoped, so Gum Takes Tooth will be in their proposed space, with the Black Goat of the Woods and Ore/KK Null releases due to hit at the same time....exciting stuff! Here's the info:

ENDTYME001 - Iron Witch - Hangover Suicide 7" - has gone to press, according to the man in the know, we should have test pressings back mid to late January at which time we shall get pre-orders on-line, including some nice t-shirt bundles for a February release! The record will also be available within the digital realm (a download card will be included with the vinyl purchase or you can grab the mp3's separately if you are one of those strange beings who does not possess a record player) with an unreleased bonus track thrown in for good measure! Aside from that, the vinyl version will come with a plush IRON WITCH sticker and poster...act fast as the records are strictly limited to a press of 350 worldwide (hand-numbered).

ENDTYME002 - Winters in Osaka / Amps for Christ - 12" LP - Endtyme is super excited to announce that we will be working in collusion with Selfish Satan Recordings, Absurd Exposition and Dismantle Records to bring you the AMPS FOR CHRIST / WINTERS IN OSAKA split 12" LP - featuring Eric Wood (Bastard Noise/Man is the Bastard) performing vocals for WIO - it sounds immense to say the least and will be committed to press in the U.S of A in January. More info to follow...

ENDTYME003 - Gum Takes Tooth - Solo 7" - Gum Takes Tooth have emerged from putting together their second full length album and thus, work has started on the Endtyme release...along with their new third member, GTT promise to deliver a symphony of dual drumming and psych/noise, its been worth the wait!

ENDTYME004 - Pine Barrens / Winters in Osaka 7" - The now long awaited 7" from Pine Barrens and the mighty Winters in Osaksa - latest news is that Pine Barrens are booking into the studio towards end of March, really looking forward to unleashing this one!

ENDTYME005 - Black Goat of the Woods - Solo 7" - For the uninitiated, head on over and check one of our newest signing BLACK GOAT OF THE WOODS - Kim Kelly writing for described the act as 'a perfect blend of sleazy black metal, gutter sludge, hardcore punk, with sporadic shadows of melodic black metal and a few thunderous moments of pure fucking grind. This shit is too good.' - They are mixing their unholy musical brew as we speak, a bunch of brand new tracks exclusively for a 7" release, with possibly more to follow...this is scheduled to go to press during April 2013.

ENDTYME006 - Ore / KK Null - Split 7" - Endtyme announced a special collaboration in the works from Tuba wielding Doom/Drone duo ORE and legendary Noise/Improv artist KK NULL (Zeni Geva)  - they have agreed to produce a limited 7" which will be expected to drop somewhere around April 2013 - this is not the only good news on this front, there could be rumblings of a full length from this pair following on from the initial this space.